A Short History of Everything Else

June 29th, 2012

The good folks over at Two Four commissioned us to create the full graphics package for their latest panel show, A Short History of Everything Else.

We took inspiration from the shape of the set which in turn took it’s shape from a giant spool of VHS tape.

The titles are a visual feast of snapshots of the past 30 years, not just the hard hitting news but of all the other things that make up history that you might have forgotten about. Pop trivia, celeb lives and scientific breakthroughs which changed the world – to Brit Art that changed the face of late 20th Century art.

The style is fun and fast paced…. there’s a lot of history to get through!

A Short History of Everything Else // Two Four from Creative Saints on Vimeo.

Tune in at 10pm on Wednesdays, Channel 4.

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The ULTIMATE Pimms o’clock

May 17th, 2012

Jubilee maddness is here and I’m not gonna lie – I love it!

Royals, shiny things, an excuse to drink for an extra day 2 days  the weekend and, in my case, OAP Olympics with the neighbours in my Gran’s cul-de-sac just has to equal good times to be had by all.

To celebrate this momentous occasion of dear ol’ Liz celebrating 60 years on the throne, a feat that hasn’t been achieved since the days of Queen Victoria (I think the boys need to up their game slightly), brands everywhere are going Union Jack mad. From Marmite to Banksy – everyone’s getting in on the act, even Oxford St has been decked out with nearly 150 flags.

Far and away, my most favouritest of the band-wagon-jumping-let’s-make-a-fortune-by-adding-a-flag-and-calling-it-special-or-limited-edition products has to be Pimms. It’s the summer drink of a nation, as quintessentially British as the word “quintessential” and no Bank Holiday is complete with out that strange drink that we all agree is better with cucumber in it, although rocket just seems a step too far…

Hats off to Selfridges for teaming up with only drink-makers who go to work in bowler hats and merrily swing their umbrellas whilst carrying a copy of The Times tucked under their arm.* These geniuses have created a limited edition, world’s first of a 3 LITRE BOTTLE, with a special edition label of….yup…you guessed… a Union Jack!

For £150 this commemerative gem can be yours – one thing to note though, if you consume the lot in one patriotic frenzy the bottle may be the only thing you have left to remember what you were celebrating in the first place. See – genius band wagon marketing at it’s best!!

*I’m aware Bowler hats may not be an enforced uniform policy at Pimms Towers, but a girl can dream…

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April 20th, 2012

Our original Bridget Riley inspired screen visuals for Wella’s International Trend Vision Awards 2012 in New York have been awarded Bronze by the International Design Awards for 2011 in the Professional Multimedia – Animation category!!

The International Design Awards exist to celebrate the world’s most visionary designers, discover new and emerging talent, and promote the appreciation of design worldwide.

We produced the multi-platorm designs for the main stage, catwalk and surrounding plasma screens. Working with the choreographers and set designers, we created integrated graphics that were sychronised to the dancers performing live on stage.

Massive well done to everyone involved!

Take a peek at the epic opening sequence below or check out our website for the rest of the “trend” visuals for Roxy, Grace, Blaze and Celeste.

Client: Jack Morton Worldwide

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March 13th, 2012

A chicken…fired out of a cannon… need I say more?!

Chicken Boom from Studio Aiko on Vimeo

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And we’re back in the game!

February 17th, 2012

After a nail-biting week long event in January, The Bank Job is back for it’s second series in uber quick time!

Remarkable Television (Endemol) commissioned us to create the full graphics package for this sweat inducing piece of gameshow genius! As far as shows go this one is definitely going to keep you on the edge of your seat.

You need blueprints to pull off a bank job, so these were an influence on the design. We thought, heist, plans, commercials and experimental, then molded those ideas into a logo, title sequence and the rest of the show package to compliment the set.

We recreated in 3D (to a certain degree) the plan of the bank*, including the scene of the crime itself – the vault. The wireframe quality was a mixture of outline and a brushed metal texture which was then composited giving it a dark, grainy filmic feel – with a dash of striking lens flares and a good touch of twitching.

TX: Friday 17th February at 9pm on Channel 4

*just in case any criminal masterminds spend their Friday nights watching gamehows for inspiration on how to pull off the ultimate heist – the 3D model of the bank wasn’t a true representation. We’d hate to make it too easy for any budding Bonnie and Clyde types out there…

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Young Animators’ Showcase atop the BT Tower

February 8th, 2012

With the help of Somewhereto_, Livity and Channel 4 five up-and-coming animators got the chance to light up the giant LED screens on the BT Tower with their work.

The lucky chosen few were Dean Wright and Emma Wilson, Joe Collins, Lawrence Simpson and Will Adams.

Somewhereto_ is a nationwide project to help 16-25 year olds find the space they need to do the things they love.

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Around the World in 290 Seconds

January 6th, 2012

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Christmas Idents for BBC 2

December 16th, 2011

A no brainer, 15 badgers, a few Parisians, a couple of left hands and plenty of bees pulled together to create the first new Christmas idents BBC 2 have had in 4 years.

Full credit to the chaps at Two Left Hands, 15 Badgers, Sabotage, and No Brain and of course Red Bee Media.

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Miguel Endara

December 7th, 2011

3.2 million dots and a hell of a lot of patience lead to a stunning work of art…

Check out Miguel Endara on Vimeo.

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December 6th, 2011

Jeopardy, luck, nerves of steel, a heady dose of general knowledge, a sterling poker face, a very strong bladder and a bank vault full of cash…things you’ll need for The Bank Job

Due to hit your screens early next year, we’re currently working on the full graphics package for this nail biting piece of gameshow genius!

As far as new shows goes this one is definitely going to keep you on the edge of your seat! Filmed over the space of a week this live event is going to take over your telly box. By the end of each night one person will be leaving with a briefcase of cash. At the end of the week, all the winners will return to pit their wits against each other in the ultimate winner takes all showdown.

The only way to become a contestant is to play the online game and keep your nerve in a tournament. There are no people to bribe and no essays to write. You simply have to play the game. If you think you can handle it head on over to www.channel4.com/bankjob to unlock the exclusive application form.

Check out The Bank Job’s Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest info…

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